Dr. Justin Brazda


I grew up just a stones throw away in Bellevue. I graduated from Bellevue West High School and earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. After completing my degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa, I was thrilled to come home. Not only did I grow up here but this is where I discovered what this great profession has to offer.

Much like many of the people we see day-to-day, my family turned to chiropractic as a last resort. At the age of ten, I unexpectedly began having intense migraines. One moment I’d be running at recess, the next I’d be lying in a dark nurse's office with a pounding headache. Specialist after specialist, scan after scan, but no one could offer why a seemingly healthy young kid was having such severe pain. At one point, a neurosurgeon offered two options: exploratory surgery or try a chiropractor. Luckily my parents chose the latter, and my life was transformed by their decisions.

As I went on in school, I knew helping people in pain was my calling. My passion is to find a way to allow people to function optimally, without jumping directly to medications or surgery.

Decades later and I am still thankful for what opportunities I had because I saw a chiropractor as a child. After months of chiropractic care my headaches went away. I was a whole new person without a limitation I never thought I’d be rid of.

I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you who seeks our help!

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