Chiropractic Myths

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Once you start getting treatment you have to come back for life!

This is absolutely not true, especially in our clinic. Roughly 90% of people who come to our clinic are suffering from some kind of injury or painful condition, so our job is to get you out of pain and back to doing what you enjoy as quickly as possible. Some of these patients will only come in and see us for treatment next time they hurt themselves. Some people on the other hand prefer to get preventative treatment before they are in pain, and also enjoy the healthy feeling of being adjusted and aligned. But, preventative treatment does not mean getting adjusted every week for the rest of your life! For most people it may be anywhere from once a month to once every 6 months, depending on age, condition of health and many other factors.

How you go about your health and treatment is purely your decision - if you want pain relief we will help you. If you want preventative treatment we will provide our recommendations but it is still your choice on how you want to act going forward.

I will get locked in on a treatment program!

Unfortunately some in our great profession seem to have gone down this road and want to try and lock people in on long treatment programs costing a lot of money. Again we refer to OUR clinic motto of " getting you out of pain and back to the activities you enjoy as quickly and safely as possible."

Also, every single person responds differently. 1 person may need 3 treatments to be out of pain where as someone else with a severe chronic issue may take weeks to become pain free again. So how can you be locked in on a treatment program when no one really knows how your body will respond until you are feeling healthy again?

Chiropractic is DANGEROUS!!!

What most people don't get the privilege to see is the statistics of adverse reactions from Chiropractic versus adverse reactions from Pharmaceutical Drugs or spinal surgeries. You have more chance of dying from taking a pharmaceutical pill than you do from having even a minor adverse reaction from a chiropractic adjustment. On top of that, most studies are now showing that as many as 90% of spinal surgeries are considered failed 6 to 12 months later as the person is still in pain, and sometimes more than they had pre-surgery.

To make matters worse, after years of other medical professions trying to ruin Chiropractors by inflaming the "dangerous" myth, now many MD's are undertaking 6 month spinal manipulation courses because they are seeing the amazing results of Chiropractic. But what they don't realize is that 6 months of training does not compare to the 5 years that Chiropractors take at school, practicing adjustments every day, as well as a minimum 1 year clinic internship.

Of course like in any profession, there will be good and not so good Chiropractors. But you have a much lower risk of anything going wrong even with the least trained Chiropractor versus any other form of medical treatment.

Chiropractors are not real doctors due to lesser training!

Chiropractors undertake very similar training to MD's, and actually have more hours of schooling through the first few years of the degree. MD's spend thousands more hours learning about all the pharmaceutical drugs, where as Chiropractic students only spend a 100 or so hours here. But, Chiropractic school involves thousands of hours of training in the musculo-skeletal system, neurology, and radiology. In these 3 areas where a Chiropractor specializes, the MD's training is only a couple of hundred hours. And this doesn't even take into account the hundreds of hours of post-doctorate study that each of our Chiropractors perform every year! No one is more specialized in full body biomechanics and the nervous system than a Chiropractor!

There is no research to support Chiropractic!

Obviously the Chiropractic profession does not have the trillions of dollars that the pharmaceutical industry has to perform research and advertising. However, this is a lot of studies worldwide that prove both the effectiveness and safety of Chiropractic. Even more impressive is that many of these studies have been performed by the medical industry who initially set out to discredit Chiropractic and instead had to conclude that Chiropractic works!

Research is also definitively showing that Chiropractic should be the first choice for all work injury cases as the estimated costs saved if Chiropractic was used before surgery, in the USA alone, is well into the billions of dollars! The same results are being found with post auto-accident injuries. For some numbers from actual studies, click on the "services" tab, then go to "worker's compensation."

Chiropractic is not covered by Health Insurance; Worker's Compensation; or Auto-Accident Medpay!

Every auto insurer and just about every health insurance company covers Chiropractic. And neither can dictate where you have to go for treatment. As for workplace injuries, while your case manager ultimately decides where you should go for treatment - you are the injured and you have every right to determine where you want to go for treatment! Especially when all the research supports your choice of Chiropractic Treatment!

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