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Welcome to Sarpy Chiropractic - Elkhorn located in Elkhorn Nebraska. At Sarpy Chiropractic - Elkhorn, we believe in delivering fast, friendly and affordable care that is personalized to your unique health needs. We will get you results, while also delivering an amazing experience for you, all while keeping our fees simple and affordable.

Sarpy Chiropractic - Elkhorn exists to provide you the best possible healthcare experience. We are confident that you’ll find us to be the best Chiropractor in Elkhorn

Sarpy Chiropractic conveniently has 3 locations. Our Elkhorn office is located at 1520 North 205th Street #105. Our Millard office is in the Lumberyard District just off Millard Avenue – chosen for its easy to access, central location within Omaha. Our Papillion location is just south of the YMCA on 72nd Street, and right next door to the Police Credit Union. 

Sarpy Chiropractic - Elkhorn


What We're Like

The Sarpy Chiropractic - Elkhorn difference is noticeable from the moment you walk in. You will always be greeted by name and with a smile; we have a little to no wait office policy; and we have an extremely flexible schedule because we know that you often don’t! We also believe that you should always feel listened to; treated like family; and be in charge of your treatment and health outcomes. You’ll know any and all costs before you make any decisions on proceeding with treatment as we don’t like people to be surprised by unexpected bills.

What we Do

At Sarpy Chiropractic - Elkhorn, our treatment is designed to help your body function as well as it possibly can. Once your function improves, it’s amazing what changes you will notice with your health, not just the relief of your pain, such as back pain, neck pain, migraines, and headaches. We also don’t just focus on the spine. If you have any musculoskeletal issue then there’s a good chance we can provide you with some relief. We will do everything we can to be your first choice in health care rather than your last resort.

What to Expect

We know people sometimes feel that once they start seeing a Chiropractor they will have to go forever, but in our office this is simply not true. You see, you’re the boss of your outcomes at Sarpy Chiropractic - Elkhorn. Everyone is unique, and some people see us because they woke up with neck pain that they’ve never experienced before, while others because we are their last resort before surgery due to debilitating low back pain. Everyone needs and wants a different amount of care, so we can cater to whatever your needs are!

If Sarpy Chiropractic - Elkhorn sounds like the right fit for you, then please schedule a complimentary consultation. We can quickly identify if we are the right office for you, and it comes with no risk or cost!


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