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Chiropractic Omaha NE Patient Testimonial at Sarpy Chiropractic

"About one year ago, I messed up my back kickboxing. It got to the point that I couldn’t lift anything. I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t find a position where I wasn’t in pain. Finally, my husband was tired of hearing me complain, and he told me I HAD to go to a Chiropractor. I was very nervous about it, since I had never gone to one before. But, Dr White and his staff put me at ease. Even after my first visit, I could at least move my body without constant pain. After a week or 2 of treatment/adjustments, I felt like a new person. I have also always had neck pain on & off and “pulled” it at certain times. Dr White fixed that. My headaches have almost completely subsided, and I never have back pain anymore. Once in a while, I still get some neck pain, but I go back to the office for routine maintenance for that. Overall I definitely feel like Chiropractic treatment has changed my life. I don’t even have medical insurance to pay for it, and I would rather spend my money on Chiropractic treatment once a month than getting my nails done or other things that don’t change my overall well-being. Thanks, Dr White & team, for all you do!"

- Sarah D.

"For the past 5 months I’ve been coming to Sarpy Chiropractic and I see a wonderfully big difference in how I feel. My main reason in going to Sarpy Chiropractic was because my dentist referred me because of the trouble that I have had with my TMJ. I have to say ever since I started, immediately my troubles have diminished. I am so thrilled!

Also, I was unable to sleep on a pillow for years and after as few as 6 visits I was back on my pillow. What a wonderful feeling! Since then all the back pains I’ve given excuses for having in the past have slowly disappeared. I have put up with my numerous troubles for 30 years and now I feel great!

The staff are so friendly, helpful, polite, and very thoughtful. I never have to wait on the phone and have never had trouble getting an appointment. I have never waited more than 5 minutes to be placed in a room to see Dr White.

Dr White is very polite, precise, and so friendly. He is always willing to take whatever time I need with him. I always feel so much better after an adjustment!"

- Sheila P.

"Words cannot even express how grateful I have been to the Sarpy Chiropractic team and Dr Rodney White over the years. There is no doubt their treatment and passion to help people is genuine and beneficial. With all of my children at all different ages, and myself, we have always gotten improvement in so many areas. Dr White’s knowledge and advice has always been very supportive and helpful, with both regular and crises situations.

Along with Dr White, the staff are always friendly and pleasant to be around. I can’t imagine not having this team in our lives.

One of our many family testimonies from treatment at Sarpy Chiropractic is the recovery from my son Jeremy’s shoulder dislocation and surgery, which was much faster with the help of Dr White and the team.

We appreciate all of you and all you have done and continue to do for our family."

- The Jewell Family

"As an endurance runner (70-90 miles a week) and a hair stylist (standing 6-7 hours a day), I always suffered from mild back pain that I thought was normal. But recently after being “layed up” with no activity for 2 weeks following a foot surgery, I went to return to running and found my leg to be in intense pain and a squeezing pressure and I was unable to move it. I spent 4 weeks in and out of doctor’s offices and got x-rays and MRI’s. The doctors had no clue what was wrong.

Even though my insurance did not cover Chiropractic, I took my own money to Dr White, who saw my problem of having the sciatic nerve caught in scar tissue. After 4 weeks of pain, Dr White had my pain 70% gone after the 1 st visit and gone completely and able to run by the 2nd visit. Now my new and old pains are gone and I feel like a new person. Now I am hooked on his treatments and continue for well being and overall alignment of my body."

- Carey S.

"My job in dentistry has resulted in back and shoulder problems due to the posture I have to use at work. After literally years of discomfort, pain and medications I decided to see if Chiropractic treatment would help. I was very happy when it did help and I am now pain free. The adjustments are easy and require little time. Dr White has been able to focus in on the problem areas and get them adjusted for me. He has also been able to help reduce migraines.

I’m now a firm believer in what can be accomplished to have a healthier lifestyle without the use of daily medications. I trust Dr White & appreciate his staff’s care & friendly atmosphere."

- Deb B.

"I have been going to a Chiropractor for several years but Dr White has helped me the most! I have severe stomach issues and get bowel obstructions that usually require me to go to hospital. Dr White has been able to adjust my back and I have not been to the hospital for my stomach issues for over a year.

Thank you Dr White and his wonderful, friendly staff for helping me be a happier, healthier person."

- Beth T.

"As a child, I suffered from asthma. My parents took me to a Chiropractor to adjust my spine which to my amazement worked to help my breathing.

As an adult, I have been treated by Chiropractic doctors for many years. Whenever I have a joint that doesn’t feel good, I visit Dr White and ask him to adjust it. The Chiropractic treatment gives me almost instant relief from any pain in my lower back or neck.

I schedule myself for regular visits to Dr White for routine adjustments. This practice helps me not only to feel better, but I also have better range of motion and flexibility.

My wife and both my children have also had very good results from the services of Chiropractic Doctors. I would highly recommend Chiropractic treatment to anyone suffering from pain."

- Mark K.

"Chiropractic has helped me personally get rid of my constant headaches and neck pain. I waitress 1 day a week and afterwards my neck is very sore, leading me to take Tylenol and Ibuprofen. I really wanted to stop taking constant medication which is why I called your clinic! My husband had a great experience with you all and I can truly say mine has been the same. I appreciate how quick and efficient my appointments are and every time Dr White is very kind and informative towards me on how my treatments are going!

If you are a headache sufferer, consider Chiropractic treatments, and consider Sarpy Chiropractic as their staff is THE BEST!!!!

PS. I feel healthier overall now as I am taking so much less pain medication and I equate it all to my Chiropractic treatments."

- Shayla S.

"Before starting treatment at Sarpy Chiropractic, I was honestly a bit skeptical of how well it would work for me. I was having upper back pain that would radiate from my shoulder to my neck. It was getting so bad that it hurt getting in and out of my car. But after getting tired of just stretching and taking pain killers, I came in for my first adjustment. It may sound cliché but I felt relief after my first visit. I didn’t realize how out of alignment I was! It took a few weeks of adjustments before I felt “back to normal,” but WOW was it worth it! I now recommend Chiropractic treatment to anyone I know that complains of back issues. And, as an added plus I was surprised that it is fully covered by my insurance!"

- Jeff S.

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