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Chiropractor Papillion NE Rodney White


Rodney White D.C.


My passion for helping people find solutions to their pain and suffering...

After originally beginning in practice in my hometown of Sydney, Australia in 2005, my wife Melanie and I took over Sarpy Chiropractic in January 2011. Since then we have been focusing on delivering the best possible standards of Chiropractic care and customer service that we can.

It is our responsibility to offer hope to those people in Papillion and the surrounding communities that have been frustrated by pain that has interfered with what they love to do, or who have not had the success they desired with other medical treatments. Rather than pushing our own agenda, our practice is based 100% on our patients’ health needs and goals.

I have always been passionate about delivering “patient centered” solution based care that lets go of the doctor’s agenda and serves the patient’s health goals. Unfortunately this seems to be rare in Chiropractic and the other health care fields. It’s not about the doctor - it’s about YOU and what problem you need solved. I am passionate about a business model that makes health care hassle-free, affordable, and accessible. I know that we need to accommodate people’s hectic lifestyles by having appointments available when they want them and NOT keeping them hostage in our clinic with lengthy waiting times. I don’t believe anyone should be locked in on lengthy care plans. The relationships we create with our patients must be win-win.

While I have seen Chiropractic get some amazing results for people and get them back in control of their lives, I do understand that Chiropractic can’t always help everyone, so I will always refer someone to the appropriate health care provider if their condition dictates this need.

If you are looking for a solution and you think that we might be able to help, please give us a call and see if we can help you get control of your life again. You do not need to continue suffering needlessly with pain.

What else about me?

I have been a Chiropractic patient since I was 4 years old. I stay healthy by eating a clean diet, exercising in some capacity every day, and getting regular adjustments to keep my nervous system functioning at its best. I live right here in Papillion so you will often see me throughout the community. I enjoy being outdoors, playing golf, watching sports, and traveling to new places and trying new foods and restaurants with my wife and daughter.

Below are some of the accreditations and specializations I have achieved over the last 14 years as a Chiropractor:

  • Certified ART® Provider
  • Corrective Exercise and Rehabilitation Specialist, accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist, accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Diplomate, American Academy of Medical Legal Professionals
  • MRI Spine Interpretation, Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
  • Personal Injury Post Doctorate Degree, CMCS Post Doctorate Division
  • Advanced Pediatric Neurology and Adjusting
  • Post Doctorate Sports Biomechanical Assessment and Diagnosis
Chiropractor Papillion NE Justin Brazda


Justin Brazda D.C.


I grew up just a stone's throw away in Bellevue. I graduated from Bellevue West High School and earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. After completing my degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa, I was thrilled to come home. Not only did I grow up here but this is where I discovered what this great profession has to offer.

Much like many of the people we see day-to-day, my family turned to chiropractic as a last resort. At the age of ten, I unexpectedly began having intense migraines. One moment I’d be running at recess, the next I’d be lying in a dark nurse's office with a pounding headache. Specialist after specialist, scan after scan, but no one could offer why a seemingly healthy young kid was having such severe pain. At one point, a neurosurgeon offered two options: exploratory surgery or try a chiropractor. Luckily my parents chose the latter, and my life was transformed by their decisions.

As I went on in school, I knew helping people in pain was my calling. My passion is to find a way to allow people to function optimally, without jumping directly to medications or surgery.

Decades later and I am still thankful for what opportunities I had because I saw a chiropractor as a child. After months of chiropractic care my headaches went away. I was a whole new person without a limitation I never thought I’d be rid of.

I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you who seeks our help!

Chiropractor Millard NE Tim Sullivan


Tim Sullivan D.C.


Here’s something many Omaha residents may not know about me. It altered the course of my life and is a big reason why I am committed to giving back.

She called me in tears; tears of pain and fear; telling me she could not turn her head and every movement hurt. Her dad had made an appointment with a Chiropractor but she had never been before and was terrified.

Her neck hurt so badly that she could not imagine anyone even touching it, let alone trying to fix it. She was scared that this would continue to happen her entire life. And here she was, 20 years old thinking “I’m too young to have back and neck pain!” She looked to me for comfort or even some assurance that she was not permanently broken. I had been adjusted by a Chiropractor hundreds of times before. I have been a Chiropractic patient since I was old enough to run around the soccer field as a little boy. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have a terrible experience that finally led me to Chiropractic.

So that’s why it was so hard for me to convey how much hope there was for her because it was nearly impossible for her to hear anything over the pain. The hardest piece of all was how dear this woman was to me. And still is. She taught me a lesson about the power of fear and even more importantly the amazing things that can come from overcoming it.

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions we experience as humans. It is an important, yet debilitating emotion because it’s an instinct that keeps us alive, but in so many ways prevents us from doing things that are really incredible.

The long story short is yes, she did get help, and yes, I married that girl! She is the mother of our two beautiful kids and the support I needed to pursue my passion to become a chiropractor. I wonder how truly different things would have been if her dad had not made that appointment for her. How would things have turned out if she tried to wait out the pain and let fear control her decision?

It is strange as a Chiropractor to think how much I take what we do for granted. I have always been able to rely on chiropractic to keep me healthy. So that’s why I want to give back. I don’t want you suffering needlessly like my wife did. People who are in pain that is controlling their lives need to know about Sarpy Chiropractic.

Yours in health,

Dr. Tim Sullivan

Chiropractor Elkhorn NE Christine Rollman


Christine Rollman D.C.


I grew up on a small farm in northeast NE. I am the middle of five children, and I was always very active. I was a three-sport athlete since junior high, including softball every summer since I was 12. But all of that changed after an injury during my senior year of track.

I was doing triple jump when I took the same approach I had taken thousands of times before. But something different happened. During this approach, I felt a severe pain shoot into my lower back. It immediately dropped me to the ground. I was terrified that I was going to be permanently affected by this.

Our family doctor recommended pain medication, muscle relaxers, and multiple trips to the Physical Therapist. My pain eventually eased enough so that I could continue to finish the track season. But I was never 100% pain-free and I wasn’t able to perform anywhere near my best. The thing that scared me most was that I had accepted a scholarship to play softball at the University of Nebraska at Kearney that following fall, but I didn’t know if I’d be able to play because I was in constant pain as my last summer season of softball began.

Following a basketball game that summer, I woke up with severe pain and I was unable to walk. This was even worse than my track episode and was like nothing I had ever experienced. Here I was, a previously healthy and athletic 18-year-old girl with my life ahead of me thinking that my sporting career was over. And not just that, I was convinced that I’d have to deal with this pain forever!

That same day, my dad made an appointment with a local chiropractor in Norfolk, NE. I had never even heard of chiropractic before! To this day, I still do not know why or how he knew that is where I needed to go, but it changed my life forever. I was able to play softball with mild discomfort that same night and after continued care over the summer, I was virtually pain-free and feeling normal again.

I graduated Suma cum laude from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a biopsychology degree and I was able to have a fantastic four-year career with the UNK softball team. Following graduation, I moved to Davenport IA to attend the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic.

My 18-year chiropractic career has since taken me to Chicago, Phoenix, Australia, and back home to Nebraska.

I have one son, Xavier. He is 11 years old. Kind-hearted, athletic, smart, and healthy. And of course, he has been adjusted since he was 2 days old. I am determined to make sure that he doesn’t suffer from the same painful issues that I did!